Okinawan Sweet Potatoes

Learn how to grow these delicious beauties in your backyard garden

Why they're special:

> They feature a light beige skin and gorgeous magenta interior. > They make delish baked potatoes! > They're hard to find in U.S. stores but easy to grow at home.

Sweet potatoes are grown from sprouts, known as slips.  When you order plants from a grower, they'll arrive with their roots in soil plugs, ready to plant.

Once planted, the slips will quickly take off and begin vining out, producing beautiful heart-shaped, edible leaves.

By mid-summer, your garden plot will be filled with lush leaves, nourishing the potatoes underground.  Take note: deer and bunnies love sweet potato leaves!

Made famous by the Blue Zones, Okinawan Sweet Potatoes are a delightful and nutritious addition to your vegetable garden. Learn how to grow these beauties —  info on the blog.

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