How to Make DIY Ollas

An easy, cost-effective irrigation system for your vegetable garden

What are Ollas?

Ollas are terracotta vessels that were used in crop irrigation centuries ago. Handcrafted vase-like pottery pieces, they ranged in size from small to quite large.

 How do they work? Read on


How do they work?

Ollas are buried in the soil near a plant and filled with water. Water seeps through the walls of the terracotta, providing moisture directly to the plant's roots.

 But do they work? Read on


DO they work?

Yes! In the photo above, the hole left by an olla shows how a plant's roots sought out and grew around it. Artisan ollas are pricey but you can make them at home affordably.


> a tube of weatherproof silicone > 2 unglazed terracotta pots that match fairly closely at the rims.

>  inexpensive >  effective >  sturdy >  reusable >  long-lasting

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